Monday, February 18, 2013

The day was too lovely to spend indoors.
        David suggested a ride to the country
              to check out an old cemetery that had
                     been found when clearing some land.
After a short walk through these
               pretty dried grasses, we came
                                         upon this...............
A small, neglected little
               spot, hosting the remains
                                      of a long lost family.
Some of the stones dated to the 1800's.
                                Most were unreadable.
            The cemetery has been marked off and
                               hopefully, will be cleaned up
                                           and properly preserved.
We stopped at the Koran cemetery on our way
             and found this marker for Mary Brown,
                           born in 1797! She was the oldest
                              person we came across that day.
(I did not notice the small American flag
on the ground behind the marker until
I looked at these pictures.
 I would surely have picked it up.)
Visiting old cemeteries and
           reading the history found in them
                        is one of my favorite things to do.
However, on this day,
   I felt a little melancoly for some reason.
      It was a good reminder of how important it
             is to live my life, making each day count.
Looking forward to more
lovely spring days to be out and about!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

First Peek of Spring!

I took a little walk around the yard today,
enjoying the sunshine and warmer temps.
Look what I found!

And this...
(if you can't make it out, a rose in bud)

And this.....
(buds on the dogwood tree)


All under beautiful blue skies............
I know the wintery weather isn't over completely....
but I am giddy with the thought of spring
around the corner:)
Wishing you blue skies
and warm thoughts today.

Thursday, February 07, 2013

In a Fog

I traveled to work this morning
surrounded by a velvet soft
 blanket of fog,
the sun a misty light in the sky. 

Eerie and other-worldly.....
 but in a good way.
It was a peaceful way to
begin my day.