Sunday, December 20, 2009


Since we will be spending Christmas with family in Mississippi this year, our daughter and son in law are coming over for a little family Christmas on Cypress Knee Swamp before we leave. I have been busy today with last minute gift wrapping and cleaning and cooking.  The tree finally has something underneath and I am getting a little bit excited thinking about seeing faces as gifts are opened.

Back door welcome!

Christmas Cactus in full bloom. Beautiful!

Supper will be simple, roast beef, mashed potatoes, peas, Cherry Coke salad and Orange Cranberry bread for dessert. Shannon and Dad will continue the tradition of making fudge after supper. This is something they have done since Shannon was a little girl.

The table is simply set  for this simple meal.

With a simple centerpiece of a favorite Christmas teapot and the sweet little red birds adding light.

For some reason, the tablecloth and napkin color is coming out more blue than in person. It is really a Christmas green. I am sure it has nothing to do with the photographer :-)

We ate and visited around the table, then came the fudge making. Everyone at some point had a hand in the cooking and all agreed this is the best batch ever! We then exchanged gifts early since this is our last opportunity to be together before Christmas (our daughter is an ER nurse and works nights) Santa was good to all this year and we are blessed. We will miss being with our extended family in Louisiana but looking forward to seeing the Mississippi relatives.

The best part of Christmas on earth is spending time with those you love. I pray your Christmas will be blessed with family, friends and the Peace of the season. 
Aunt C

Saturday, December 12, 2009


Lately I have had a case of the bah-humbugs and couldn't seem to snap out of it. There seemed to be no end to the doing of Christmas and no beginning to the enjoying of Christmas. I think I have finally turned the corner! Last Sunday our children's choir presented their musical, The Best Christmas Present Ever, and it reminded me again of why Christmas is Christmas. After several Christmas parties and a couple of long work days this week, I took a vacation day to finish my shopping (almost finished too!)  Today I am hibernating and enjoying the tree, wrapping a few presents, listening to Christmas music, all with no sign of Scrooge. I pray he is gone for the season! Tomorrow, our Adult Choir will present the musical, A Baby Changes Everything. I am looking forward to worshipping that baby with my church family.

Not only was that true 2000 years ago, but for my nephew and his wife, it is especially true this Christmas. They have brand new triplets! In this case, THREE babies have changed everything. They arrived 2 months early and are tiny and Mom & Dad had to come home and leave them in the hospital for a while. Our prayer is that they will be healthy and home soon.

Finally, from the heart, Merry Christmas Everyone!
Aunt C

Thursday, December 03, 2009


Each year I vow to cut back on the Christmas decorations. It's just dh & I at home these days and I think, "I'll just put a few things out and skip the whole tree, lights, Christmas dishes, etc." But once I get started, before you know it, once again, it's beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Since my family in Mississippi doesn't get to see what my house looks like at the holidays, here is a sample of Christmas on Cypress Knee Swamp.

The only kind of snowmen we see in Louisiana.
I love the little bird on the one below.

The red striped bell in on the tree is almost as old as I am, and no, I am not telling just how old that is!
It was on our tree when I was a little girl.

Not only did I decorate a tree in the living room, but inspired by my sister Karen's bird ornaments, I now have a decorated tree in the kitchen. This is the window where we keep a pair of binoculars to watch the birds at the feeders in the back yard. It seemed appropriate to have this tree here. The unattractive light cords show up more in pictures, but it really is quite charming. Karen, this one's for you.
Can't wait to see your tree.

Recognize this feathered friend?

The sweet tea cup and saucer are from Cracker Barrel and a gift from my daughter and son-in-law.
 I love them!

I should have warned you this was a long one! I want to see some Mississippi Christmas posted soon.
Wouldn't mind a little Christmas from Florida as well. (hint, hint)