Saturday, September 30, 2006


Surprises come in all shapes and sizes. Some are good and some are bad and some fall in between. A good surprise comes around this time every year when the temperature begins to drop a bit. Spots of dark pink or red spring up all over the yard in the most unexpected places. I don't know the scientific name for these unusual looking flowers, but surprise lily seems to fit perfectly. They surprise me by coming up when all else seems to be fading out, and I never seem to be expecting them, they just start showing up. They also surprise me in where they appear. I never remember planting them in that particular spot, they just pop up at will. They are strange looking plants, just stems sticking out of the ground with a bloom on top, but so pretty to look at.

This flower is yet another one that brings to mind memories of happy times past. I am not the only one in the family to notice when the lilies begin to bloom. When Shannon was just a little one, she would appear at the back door with a fist full of surprise lilies for mommy. She usually managed to pick every one in the yard but I could never be upset. One look at that sweet face and her little hand clutching the stems and holding them out to me is enough to melt any mother's heart. I still have that picture in my mind any time I see the lilies bloom.
The cool weather has been such a welcome relief from the heat of the summer. Dear Husband and I are taking a few days off and heading for a cabin in the Ozarks. I hope the cool weather continues as I am looking forward to coffee on the cabin porch on a cool autumn morning on top of the mountain. Does anything sound better that that? Hope all your surprises this week are good ones!

Monday, September 18, 2006


"Where did you come from baby dear? Out of the everywhere into the here" (George McDonald)

This weekend I finally got the opportunity to visit the Magnolia State and see the precious twins born just a month ago. My niece was so sweet and generous in bringing them over on Saturday and spending the whole day so we could hold, feed, change and love on them to our hearts content. Shannon is holding Benjamin who spent much of the time sleeping. He is just the sweetest baby boy and the whole time I held him, I thought, he is my favorite! Then I would take a turn at holding and rocking Hannah and would think, she is my favorite! I can have two favorites can't I? They are unique each in their own special way. I am looking forward to watching them grow and develop their own little personalities. Heather is such a good Mommy and I know they will have all the love and nurturing they need. They will surely not lack in extended family attention!

The swamp is seeing changes these days. We finally had rain last weekend and things are looking a little less brown and dusty. I am beginning to see a few yellow, red and orange leaves on the trees and the squirrels are busier than ever. Crisp mornings and cooler days have me in the mood to pull up tired periwinkles and plant purple, yellow and orange mums in their place. The mornings also find me searching the closet for long pants and no sandals since 52 degrees is a little chilly on bare legs and toes.
The fall wreath is on the door and I am waiting for the annual pumpkin patch to appear. I love picking out just a few to put at the back door for added fall color. I like the odd shaped and the ones that are the color of pumpkin pie with cinnamon best. I'm sure the hot weather will return again before the cool weather sets in for good, but I am enjoying the taste of autumn while it lasts.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

Labor: expenditure of physical or mental effort especially when difficult or compulsory. (definition according to Mr. Webster)
Today is the last holiday of summer, the day we have set aside to take a break from working. (as if we need an excuse) I have the day off from work, but have many chores planned that involve both physical and mental effort. This has always been a good weekend to do fall cleaning, getting the yard and flower beds ready for fall annuals and clearing out the faded and bloomed out spring plantings. I begin to bring out the fall decorations and most important of all ..........I put away the white shoes and purse of summer! I know this is an old fashioned tradition and yet, no matter how many of today's designers say it's ok to wear white year around.... I just can't do it. Wearing white shoes and carrying white purses only between Easter and Labor Day is ingrained into my very being. It doesn't bother me to see others wearing white off season, just can't do it myself.
Dear Husband has to work today and daughter and son-in-law are working on their house remodel, so I have no excuse for not getting my chore list accomplished, and I have already worked the crossword puzzle (so much for the mental effort.) I still have to clean house, iron, pay bills, cut grass, and cook for the hungry bunch (the compulsory physical effort.)
If I hurry, I might just have a few minutes to actually sit and rest on this bench!