Friday, September 26, 2008


"The amen of Nature is always a flower"
Oliver W. Holmes

Where does time go? The calendar says October is less than a week away and you know what that means, Christmas is just around the corner and then, another year has passed. The passing of time is marked by more than days on a calendar though. Each morning as I head out the door for work, I am greeted by cool, crisp, 50 something autumn air instead of a muggy, 80 something degrees. The leaves on the dogwood tree have begun to turn red along with the yellow of the sweet gum. (and the dreaded sweet gum balls)

Nature tells time in such a beautiful way that touches all the senses. The wonderful array of color all year, the smell of fresh cut grass, the feel of walking through it barefoot, and the perfume of the flowers in Spring, the sound of the birds in song, wind rustling in the trees and the taste of fresh veggies in Summer, the smell of fallen pine straw and the feel of the cool mornings in Fall and the taste of snow ice cream, gumbo (well it's made with things from nature)and the smell of smoke from fire to warm a home in the Winter. These are just a few of the things in Nature that cause our senses to take notice.
We plan to take a few days to enjoy this beautiful world God has provided for us. We are heading to the mountains and plan to spend most of our time outdoors, beginning with a cup of coffee on the porch. I hope you will take some time in the next few weeks to enjoy nature with all your senses.
I'll be seeing, tasting, smelling, feeling and hearing till next time,
Aunt C

Friday, September 19, 2008

Week of Surprises

This has been an eventful week in many ways, starting with last weekend. Hurricane Ike made his way to North Louisiana and left many broken trees and power lines behind. This was probably the most scary storm I have experienced since I moved here 40 years ago. We not only lost a large tree in the front but also power for 24 hours and consider ourselves fortunate. No damage to our home or persons which is the most important thing.
The second surprise came Saturday night in the middle of the storm when my daughter and son in law came to take me to dinner for my birthday. I argued that no one in their right mind would be out on a night like that, and when we arrived at our destination, I found several of those "out of their right mind" people had gathered to wish me a surprise Happy Birthday party! Family came all the way from Mississippi to join with family & friends here to make the surprise really special and I was truly overwhelmed, in shock was more like it. Shannon and David did a wonderful job of planning and keeping the party a secret. My only regret is that I missed a whole day of visiting with my family in order to keep the surprise.
The next surprise came on my birthday Tuesday. So many of my sweet friends came by the office with cards and well wishes. The precious 3 year old daycare class came in to sing Happy Birthday to me and we had a balloon and cheesecake at Staff meeting. (I understand that calories don't count on birthdays, at least that is what they said) I was secretly hoping that the big 60 would just sorta sneak by. No such luck.
I will have to admit, all the attention did make it a little less painful. I don't feel old and am always surprised when I see myself in a picture and wonder "who is that old lady?"
I once read that one of the hardest decisions in life is when to start middle age. I think when to leave is harder. I am going to stay in the middle a little longer. I am not ready for old age just yet.
After the past 2 years, I am grateful for every day the Lord gives me and the blessing of growing old. He has also blessed me with a great family and many friends that I love dearly. I agree with the Apostle Paul, living or dying, I am blessed (my paraphrase).

An Older Aunt C

Saturday, September 13, 2008


Once again, we are glued to the weather channel watching yet another storm hit the Gulf Coast. This has been a very active Hurricane season here in the south. We are experiencing rain and some wind here in North Louisiana from the outer bands of Ike even as I write. I learned this week, that what we think of as "extreme weather" is necessary in nature. Hurricanes help distribute heat over the earth and even though I do not like the damage they bring, I am thankful nature is doing what God intended. Otherwise, I might end up living in a desert or on a polar ice cap (maybe a little "extreme" but you get my drift).

That got me to thinking about other "extremes" in life. Most of us would choose a life with no financial problems, no health concerns, no broken relationships, basically no difficulties of any kind. I have a milestone birthday coming up, and as I reflect over my life, the things that stand out the most are the "extremes" whether good or bad. Death of a parent, marriage, moving away from family, birth of a child, retirement, cancer, all these things and many others, made a permanent impact on my life. I am truly thankful for those refreshing times when things go smoothly and all is right with the world. But working through the "extremes" has been what has shaped my character, humbled my spirit, increased my faith and made me strong.

The best thing about dealing with the "extremes" is I haven't had to deal with them alone. My husband has been faithfully at my side for almost 40 years now. But more importantly, my God has walked with me even longer and He is always faithful. If I have learned nothing else in my life, I have learned that nothing is a surprise to God and whatever "extreme" comes my way, He will see me through.
F. W. Boreham wrote: "We make our decisions, and then our decisions turn around and make us." Whatever your "extreme" today, good or bad, I pray you will decide to let it make you stronger, more humble, and in the end, grateful for the learning experience.

Saturday, September 06, 2008


It has been some time since my last post. I have many reasons, none of any consequence, but I am now a little rusty in the writing category. This year has busy, if uneventful. On July 4 we spent the weekend with my family in Mississippi once again. My cousin Beth and her husband from were visiting also. For the first time ever I think, all my sisters, neices, nephews and their children along with my family and parents were together at the same time at the same place.

We spent the holiday in the most traditional way. We visited, ate fresh sliced tomatoes, corn on the cob and banana pudding, shopped a little, played games and played with the kids. We even had some rain showers to cool off the hot southern summer day. Perfect!

Once again, I am reminded of the importance of family. No matter how long since our last gathering, we know we will always be welcome at home. We come together, warts and all, agreeing and disagreeing, laughing as well as crying, with all our likes and dislikes, and know that we will always love and be loved in this place. That is a treasure beyond worth.