Monday, August 30, 2010


Several days ago, my sister asked me if I had been to “smell the cotton” yet. Only someone who grew up as the daughter of a cotton farmer would understand this question. Cotton does indeed have a scent. Hard to describe but immediately recognizable to someone who spent hours in the “cotton patch” as a child.  We took a drive to the cotton farms along the river this afternoon. Beginning with the bloom, here is one of the crops that was such a part of our childhood and one that helped make the South great.



Here is the cotton boll before beginning to open.


Here it’s just beginning to crack open revealing the cotton inside. When I was little, this is when we would begin to get the cotton pickin sacks, the cotton wagon and cotton scales ready! Not long before “cotton pickin” time would begin.  (Oh, did I mention that when I was a little girl, cotton pickers had two legs and two hands instead of a motor?)


Here we are with just a tad more white cotton showing, not quite ready for pickin yet.


Getting closer!


Here we go, ready for the pickers. Actually, the leaves will be dropped before picking begins. Some of the fields we saw had already been defoliated and were ready for the mechanical pickers.  I think the open cotton boll is really pretty with the pinwheel in the center showing.


Ok, I admit, I had to pick a couple just for old times sake.


There you are lilsis, bring back memories?  Remember potted meat sandwiches with Mama's fried chocolate pies for lunch in the cotton field? Playing in the cotton wagon when it was full of cotton and riding to the cotton gin with Daddy? That cotton scent brought back all those memories and more.

Thanks for reminding me to stop and “smell the cotton”.

Saturday, August 28, 2010


We are at last experiencing more pleasant weather! David & I are finally able to get back to walking in the evening, as a matter of fact, yesterday was downright enjoyable. We finished up about 7:30 p.m. and then treated ourselves to a veggie pizza. We ate at the picnic area next to the walking trail under a big oak tree with the breeze blowing and found ourselves lingering, reluctant to come home.

I took a few pictures from the walking path and home. Not much is blooming right now, but the trees are always interesting to me. These  lacy Mimosa leaves were striking against the sky.

The Mums are beginning to bloom. Hopefully, with more pleasant weather, I will have more energy to share from the Cypress Swamp. I am planning a trip to the country Sunday afternoon to check out the “scent of cotton” for lil sis!
Have a good weekend.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh Fall, Where Art Thou?

The temperature is still in the upper 90's in the evening......

And this is what my poor pot plant looked like when I come home from work after the heat and humidity of the day!

I know it is still the middle of August..... still summer....... however.......the days are getting shorter, the light is changing and there is somehow a whisper of cooler, crisper days to come.

The fall Clematis is blooming with wonderful perfume spilling out into the yard at eventide.

It's cool white blooms are so refreshing.

It has been a long, hot summer here in the South this year, but the seasons will change, and cooler weather will come and I am thankful for this sweet little Clematis reminder that Fall is just around the corner.

Saturday, August 14, 2010


 My daughter and I decided to take a day trip to the city of Monroe, La to visit the antique shops at the Cotton Port. We had never been there before and we wanted to see how the historical part of the city had been renovated and used. There are just a few shops in a 2 block area, but lots of antiques and collectables were still to be found. We spent a lot of time browsing and although temperatures were cooler (all the way down to 97!) we stayed indoors as much as possible. We both found a treasure to bring home, she a small Fire King glass refrigerator dish in red and me, this minnow bucket.

The color caught my eye first, and I am always attracted to "lake things". When I realized it was a minnow bucket, it came home with me. I am not sure what David will say, probably that he already has one, but I will explain this old fellow is for looks only.

 Even though our purchases were few, the time spent together was more precious and priceless than any antique in town. The only thing missing was a nice, cool rainshower....
I really am ready for fall!

This double brick wall caught my eye....interesting..

Hope your weekend was profitable and good as well.

Saturday, August 07, 2010

Rusty Things


We finally had a nice rain shower yesterday, and the temperature is under a 100 for a change, but the humidity is a killer today! I spent the day indoors ….. mopping floors, cleaning ceiling fans, all the chores I have been putting off. I realized, I am not as young as I used to be!  I feel a little like that rusty fence post in the picture. It takes me longer, and the energy runs out before the chores. On the other hand, like the post, I may not be as bright and shiny as I used to be, I am still holding up my end of the fence. It is always a nice feeling of accomplishment to sit down with a cup of coffee in a nice clean house….

Wait, is that another dust bunny I see under the piano……

Sunday, August 01, 2010

A Hot Time on the Swamp

The temperature today……103 at 5 p.m.!!