Saturday, August 14, 2010


 My daughter and I decided to take a day trip to the city of Monroe, La to visit the antique shops at the Cotton Port. We had never been there before and we wanted to see how the historical part of the city had been renovated and used. There are just a few shops in a 2 block area, but lots of antiques and collectables were still to be found. We spent a lot of time browsing and although temperatures were cooler (all the way down to 97!) we stayed indoors as much as possible. We both found a treasure to bring home, she a small Fire King glass refrigerator dish in red and me, this minnow bucket.

The color caught my eye first, and I am always attracted to "lake things". When I realized it was a minnow bucket, it came home with me. I am not sure what David will say, probably that he already has one, but I will explain this old fellow is for looks only.

 Even though our purchases were few, the time spent together was more precious and priceless than any antique in town. The only thing missing was a nice, cool rainshower....
I really am ready for fall!

This double brick wall caught my eye....interesting..

Hope your weekend was profitable and good as well.

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