Friday, August 20, 2010

Oh Fall, Where Art Thou?

The temperature is still in the upper 90's in the evening......

And this is what my poor pot plant looked like when I come home from work after the heat and humidity of the day!

I know it is still the middle of August..... still summer....... however.......the days are getting shorter, the light is changing and there is somehow a whisper of cooler, crisper days to come.

The fall Clematis is blooming with wonderful perfume spilling out into the yard at eventide.

It's cool white blooms are so refreshing.

It has been a long, hot summer here in the South this year, but the seasons will change, and cooler weather will come and I am thankful for this sweet little Clematis reminder that Fall is just around the corner.


Karen said...

Yes, and have you been blessed yet with a chance, sweet breath of the *cotton patch* scent? Heavenly!!
love ya,
lil sis

Carolyn said...

I haven't been to the country yet!
I really need to go soon before the pickers arrive. Thanks for the reminder..