Monday, April 26, 2010

Le Tour des Jardins

Every spring the Northwest Louisiana Master Gardeners sponsor a garden tour and I try not to miss this treat. The gardens vary in style, size and taste so there is something for everyone. This first garden is located on Caddo Lake, hidden from the street by a fence and hedge. Once inside, we found a true secret garden.
Sweeping garden beds with annual color.

Roses by the dozens if not hundreds.

At the second garden located on Cross Lake, we found whimsey at every turn like this fence carved by the owner as well as colorful yard art.

Isn't this the cutest little bit of fun! I especially like the flowers on her garden hat and the silver earrings. This proves gardening attire can be stylish as well...

One garden had an especially friendly guy to welcome guests. He put on quite a show for us and didn't seem shy at all.

Lovely things to see everywhere you look.

There was color found not only in blooms, but in foliage as well.
Thankfully, the weather was perfect and lots of visitors showed up to enjoy the effort all the gardeners put into getting their yards ready for company. I always find a new plant to add to my little garden each year. This year I think it will be an Empress tree. I understand they grow quickly so maybe we will be able to enjoy it fully grown in our lifetime!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010


Need a little sunshine today?
Here is another "side of the road" plant that is blooming in my yard now. We found this one on a walk in the woods that belonged to a friend. We came across an old homeplace and dug up a one of these to bring home. They tolerate wet soil which works out well here on the cypress swamp. We even have some planted at the edge of the water.

The bright yellow bloom against the dark green foliage is just so pretty. The only downside to this plant is the rate at which it reproduces. It has to be divided often thereby making it a perfect "pass-along" plant as well!

Sunday, April 18, 2010

* Lovely Lavender *

This is my version of Mosaic Monday. Blue and lavender flowers are some of my favorites. Here is a bearded iris and a Louisiana iris along with a vinca ground cover that has the sweetest bloom.

Friday, April 16, 2010

Some of my favorite plants have come from the side of the road. This rose is one that my dear hubby dug up for me on the way home from work one day. It has long, VERY thorny stems with large single petal flowers. It is a one time bloomer in the spring, but worth having because of the beauty of the flower.

Pretty yellow center in the midst of creamy white. Kinda looks like eyelashes doesn't it?

It's planted on the fence in front of the neighbor's Red Tips and is striking against the red follage.

I'll share more "side of the road" plants from time to time. I also love the "pass-along" plants that have been given to me by dear fellow gardeners like the Columbine from my mother in the previous post. Most of the time, it doesn't take much to make me happy ~ just give me a plant!

I have to add an editors note to the above post. I never remove "side of the road" plants from private property without permission and I am very careful to always leave some of the plant behind to continue to multiply. I am also careful to observe the local laws concerning removing plants from the right of way.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010


Mama, the Columbine is blooming! Thanks for sharing.

Sunday, April 11, 2010


Today was a perfect day in the neighborhood as Mr. Rogers would have said. The temperature was in the low 80's with only a few cotton candy clouds in the sky, so we took ourselves for a little walk around the Norton Gallery. The Norton is a wonderful art gallery with lots of oil paintings, tapestries and an awesome collection of Remington bronzes among other things. Cameras aren't allowed inside so, alas, no pics of the art. But in addition to art, there are gardens surrounding the gallery planted with acres and acres of azaleas. They are close to peak bloom and we, along with a few hundred others, spent the afternoon outside enjoying their beauty. Here are a few pictures I selected to share with you.

This is a native azalea in the prettiest color of sherbert orange. It also has a very nice fragrance.

Beautiful beds of George Tabor pink azaleas.

Beautiful color everywhere you look like this Japanese Maple.

There is artwork scattered throughout the gardens as well.

While we walked we were serenaded by chimes hung high up in the trees.

Several pretty water features can be found in the gardens as well.

This picture gives you an idea of the scope of the gardens. They stretch across the landscape as far as you can see.

It was a lovely afternoon. My mother visited a few weeks ago before anything had started to bloom......I wish she could have been here this weekend!

Friday, April 09, 2010

Flower Power

Never underestimate the "power of flowers" to change a mood and brighten a day. My dear friend Melissa brought this gorgeous bouquet of Snowball Viburnums to my office and made my day! It was such a nice surprise not only in their beauty, but that she thought of me when she saw them out her window and took time to cut and bring them to me.
How lovely!

When I left work, I went to my favorite place to walk before going home. I know I have blogged about this little walking path and prayer garden many times, but it is just one of my favorite places and passtimes these days. There was more "flower power" to be had there as well. Here is my walk today..........

Tiny wildflowers galore and when I downloaded this one (which is about as big as the end of my little finger) I saw a very "little" critter there as well. 

Lady Banks Rose

Wisteria....ooooh, I wish you could have smelled this! It was heavenly.

A little gazebo for stopping to smell the flowers or watch the butterflies.

A place for reflection and perspective.

The azaleas are about to be in full bloom....just a few more days!

And many places to sit and cool down or catch your breath.
It is not unusual to see squirrels, rabbits and all kinds of birds as I walk. It is located right across from the elementary school, so in the afternoon, it is filled with the sounds of the children as they are let out of school, all sights and sounds that are pleasing and restful.

Hope these flowers helped to brighten your day as well!