Saturday, May 26, 2012

Berry Pickin’

I am drinking my coffee this morning
 and David said "wanna go see if the
blackberries are ripe"?

Not that I don't have a million
things around the house that need my
attention.....but my reply

Berry pickin' was an annual event
when I was a child and I always
loved it, red bugs and all..

However, I am really not a fan of snakes,
so sweet hubby came prepared to shoot
any that might attack me and I came
prepared to shoot him pickin' those few berries
that were ripe!

While he picked, I enjoyed the morning.
We passed this old deer stand that belonged to
one of the older gentlemen who used to
hunt here. He is now with the Lord, but
I know he enjoyed many hours in this
mini tree house.

I saw lots of deer tracks, so this was a
great place to hunt.

Pretty wildflowers popped up
along the way. It was high noon
when I was snapping these pics
so there is a little too much light.
(Sigh) Still trying to master the
art of photography.

We crossed beautiful Lake
Bistineau on the way home. This is
one of the prettiest lakes in North Louisiana.
Lots of Cypress trees dripping with moss.

A little rural Americana...this old abandoned
building is used to advertise just about
everything from Fish and Fixins to
Heavenly Acres Cemetery for pets.
I think the signs are mostly what is holding it

On a corner, we passed this old log building.
It appears to have been a barn at one time.
Look at the old shutters on the window...
maybe it started out as a house???
I just love these old structures. They have
real character and a story to tell.
Wish we could hear it.

Well, I guess this pretty iron door was
put on to secure the inside of this's ironic that the building
is pretty much history and we could probably
 just walk through any wall, but this door
remains locked tight.

Well, the blackberries need another week
to ripen, but we (we meaning David) managed
to pick enough for a pie.
 I think that will be baked on Monday in honor
of all the men and women who gave
the ultimate sacrifice so I could spend
a day with my husband, picking berries and
roaming the countryside freely.

Have a great weekend!

Until next time.......

Sunday, May 13, 2012


This week, we celebrated the retirement
of a precious co-worker by lunching at
the Roses & Lace Tea Room.

This sweet lady has been our
Day Care Director for nearly 30 years!
She has changed many a diaper, hugged
hundreds of children and been an unwavering
example of God's love in their lives.

If anyone ever deserved being treated
special, this lady does!
We had a lovely lunch and the
food was delicious!
 Our table was set with a lace cloth
and pretty pink and rose plates.

The other table was set with a lace cloth and
blue square plates for chargers. They had a blue rooster in the center.....just blue and white love. 

Notice the lace covers on the dining chairs.
More lovely roses I believe.

Here is another picture of the pink table
to show the lovely cup and saucer..more
pink roses and rosy raspberry tea to go with.
We also had strawberry soup and
a lemon dessert to finish.

(I didn't get pictures of the soup or dessert,
I was pretty engrossed in the chicken
salad croissant by then).

We also had a reception after church Sunday,
and I think this cake says it simply and best.

I can't help but be reminded of the song
by Steve Green....May all Who Come
Behind me Find me Faithful when I
think of her years of service.

Mrs. Betty, you can never be replaced and
those who come after will
find you were faithful.......

Happy Retirement dear friend.

Until next time...

Saturday, May 05, 2012

Le Tour des Jardins 2012

It's my favorite time of the year....

Time for the Shreveport Master Gardeners
Garden Tour!

This year's gardens were beautiful.

I always get lots of ideas like this
 patio all set for a summer supper.

I love the rooster plates and the grassy runner
and the red polka dot glasses. Not to mention
the cabbage plates and stainless.
(about the only thing I love more than
flowers.....yep, it would be dishes!)

Check out this Bird of Paradise!
It is huge and the begonias were stunning.

This garden was a bit whimsical. This
garden cabinet is made entirely from old doors.
The screen door on front has chicken wire
which allows for good viewing and ventilation.
(It also keeps the squirrels out of the geraniums!)

More fun ideas like this garden gate.

How about a cuppa tea served by this
stylish kitty?

This photo is a bit blurry, but I
love, love shells and this is a great
way to display a collection.

We saw lots of interesting bird houses. This red one caught my eye immediately. The roof is made
from part of a light fixture and the china
knob roost is perfect don't you think?

What a sweet welcome at the front door.

My favorite and cobalt blue
is just the best along with got
it.....more dishes!

We had a lovely day visiting six gardens, each one landscaped differently and each one
beautifully sharing God's awesome
gift of plants and flowers.
Leaving you with my all time favorite plant.

This is for my sister Karen and my mama.
It makes me think of your beautiful hydrangeas.

Until next time...............