Friday, February 24, 2012

Spring Tease

A Light exists in Spring

        Not present on the Year
        At any other period —

When March is scarcely here
                                                            .......from a poem by Emily Dickinson

       This past week has been more like spring
  with temperature in the 80's on some days.

The little yellow "sweeties" and the
Carolina jasmine look like sunshine.

With the rains that came in January & February,
the lake is once again full and we have water
behind our house.

I took a few pictures to share........
a sight we have not seen in a couple of years.

Pretty reflections of the bare trees in the water.

I understand another dry summer is predicted.
Hopefully, not the drought of 2011.

I know we have more wintry weather to come,
but I love this tease of spring.

Till next time......

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The past two weeks have been unusually
sad and unsettling.
 Several families in our church, where I
work as a part time receptionist, have
lost loved ones unexpectedly.

They are like family to all of us and when
our family hurts, we hurt.

I couldn't help but reflect on how much
can change in a week or even a day.

I am showing a few more pictures of our
trip to south Louisiana. I am more
thankful than ever for the precious few
days David & I had to enjoy together,
worry and stress free.

The picture above is the bayou we crossed to
visit Avery Island. If you have ever enjoyed
Tabasco Sauce on your food, this is where
it came from!
It is home to the McIlhenny plantation where the
tabasco peppers were first grown and made into
the favorite sauce of Louisiana.

Tabasco Pepper Sauce Red - 5 oz

It is a beautiful island with 170 acres of Jungle gardens
and a aviary with a nesting area for the snowy egret.

It was another cloudy day, but thankfully, no rain.

Since it was the middle of the week,
there were few people around and the grounds
were so quiet and peaceful.

It is about a three mile drive through the gardens with
lots of walking paths for exploring.
 One path led to this stone bridge and the Buddah
 house in the background.

I never was able to get a clear picture of him
without a glare, but wanted you to see
the statue inside. It is from somewhere around
the eleventh century and a gift to Mr. McIlhenny
 in the 1930's.

We saw a few gators as well. They were mostly
out in the water, but I can assure you, I kept
an eye out as we walked down some of those paths!

Here is David walking around in the sunken garden.
Can you find him? Sorta like Waldo isn't he?

Here is the nesting area for the snowy egret
aptly named "bird city". At one time, their numbers
were greatly reduced, but thanks
in part to the McIlhennys' they are once
again abundant.

Out and about, wandering around, and enjoying
God's world together is our favorite way to spend time.

If you ever get to visit the southern part of our state,
be sure to make time to visit Avery Island.

There is beauty down every path........

and around every corner.

Til next time.......

Friday, February 10, 2012


On our little get away last week, we spent
a day visiting a couple of nearby plantations.
The pictures are a little dark due to the weather
but I wanted to share because the homes
are so beautiful.

I had always wanted to visit Nottaway and 
in spite of a rainy start, we enjoyed ourselves.
We approached from the side, isn't it beautiful?
This could easily be mistaken for the front of the house.

 This white room is just stunning.
My photography doesn't do it justice, especially
with heavy clouds outside.
Weddings and receptions are held here frequently.
I would love to attend a party here!

The egg and dart crown moldings and the
beautiful medallion are made of hand carved
cypress according to the guide.

Nottaway is also a bed and breakfast with
several cottages on the grounds for overnight
guests as well.

The grounds are beautifully landscaped and kept
immaculate. This is looking toward the levy
between the house and the Mississippi.

The front yard covered over eight acres when
the house was built and now, due to the changes
in the  river and the addition of the levy,
it has shrunk to less than two.

This is one of my favorite pictures, even though
 it was cloudy and wet.
I love, love the live oak tree and the way
it frames the back of the house.

We also stopped at Madewood Plantation
pictured below. They no longer offer tours of the home,
but the gentleman was kind enough to allow us
to snap some pictures of the outside.

This home is also in beautiful condition. The
columns are just awesome.

The back terrace held a lovely fountain made from
a sugar kettle.  Another beautiful live oak
provides shade when needed.

Orange and loquat trees were loaded with luscious fruit.

I hope you enjoyed a bit of our tour.

I have a couple more things to share next time.
Till then...............

Monday, February 06, 2012


Several months ago, David attended a Save the
Black Bear banquet where an auction was held to raise
funds to aid in restoring the black bear population
in our state. He came home with the winning
bid on two nights at the Cajun Cabins on Bayou
Corne near Pierre Part, Louisiana.

We decided to use that win to take a little trip
for our anniversary. We took our time, traveling
the back roads on our way, and found ourselves
 passing through the little town of Plaquemine.

As we crossed Plaquemine Bayou bridge, I noticed this
contraption that appeared to be a drawbridge and wondered
why it was there. I looked up the bayou and saw that
it ended abruptly at what appeared to be a canal.

 then I noticed a beautiful white building
next to the canal and we decided to check it out.

 Isn't this striking? It is covered inside and out with
 beautiful white glazed brick. It is built in the Dutch
style with round and arched windows and stepped roof line.

We stopped and took a tour with the nicest park
guide. We discovered that Bayou Plaquemine, at one time,
was an alternate waterway to the Mississippi River.

It was filled in just before it spilled
 out into the Mississippi River seveal years ago,
which I think is a shame.

From the balcony on the second floor, you get an
 amazing vista of the Mississippi. We watched tugboats
and barges navigate the bend in the river.
 I was totally in love with that view.

The building is wonderfully preserved.

Here is a picture of the original lock on
the windows. I don't think I have ever seen
any quite like these.

This little unscheduled stop turned out to be such
a pleasant surprise, what
we in Louisiana call laginappe,
meaning a little something extra.

I have more lagniappe to share. This trip turned
out to be one of the most interesting and fun
get-aways we have ever experienced.

I was reminded again and again of how
beautiful the southern part of our state is.

Till next time.......

Friday, February 03, 2012

Jeremiah Johnson

This week, my hubby and I passed another milestone....
we celebrated our 43rd year of marriage.
I know that is a long time to live with the same person,
so it is a good thing I picked a good man in the beginning!

Those who know me personally understand when
I say I married the updated version of Jeremiah Johnson.
 Even though my husband grew up in the city,
 thanks to his Dad who loved to fish and hunt,
he developed a love of adventure at an early age.

I often joke that if we had lived in the 1800's,
we would most probably be on the first wagon train
headed west. As a matter of fact, these two pictures were taken on a trip out west to Wyoming.....he fit right in.

Our adventures are pretty tame these days.
  We did take a short trip this week to celebrate and
 I am looking forward to sharing some of our adventures.

I'll give you a hint of what to expect.

Not exactly the wild west, but a wild beauty of
a different kind. Stay tuned for further adventures
in our own beautiful state of Louisiana.

Till next time.......