Sunday, October 20, 2013

Restful Moments

I recently read this quote in Southern Lady magazine
and thought how it described our recent vacation.
"Sometimes the most important thing
in a whole day
is the rest we take between
two deep breaths"
                                       ~ Etty Hillesum
On our recent trip to Virginia and Kentucky,
we looked forward to resting and getting away from
the every day grind of work and responsibility.
We seemed to spend all our time in the car, traveling
from place to place. But between miles we
found places to stop and take those deep breaths.
During the week we were blessed by many
"moments of rest" as we stopped to enjoy
the beauty of this great country.
Here are a few of our memories
as we took a breath and just enjoyed the beauty.

As we began to leave the flatlands,
low clouds seemed to hug the hills
giving us just a glimpse of the mountains
we were eager to see.

An unplanned stop at Appomattox was an
awesome moment of rest, thanks to the advice of
a gracious lady at the visitors center.

As I stood at this grave site and looked over
the green fields of the farm, I couldn't help thinking of all 
the soldiers who shed their blood on this ground.

Colonial Williamsburg was another
rest stop on our journey.
Seeing our early American history come
to life brought a heart of gratitude
for all the brave men and women who fought
for the freedoms I have enjoyed.
This is the Governors home.

The Jamestown Settlement was maybe my favorite
stop. Some of the earliest history of our
country is wonderfully recreated here. 

We spent a few hours at Yorktown, having lunch and
walking along the boardwalk on the river.


Looking across the Chesapeake Bay, the sky and
water were breathtaking.


We also spent time at the Colonial National
Historical Park, following the path of Gen. Washington
as he and his men fought the battle of Yorktown in 1781.

As we left Virginia and crossed over into
W. Virginia, we visited the coal mining town
of Beckley. It was misting rain on this
day as we visited the New River Gorge.

This bridge spanning the river
 is over 3000 feet long and 876 feet high,
making it the third highest bridge in the US.

We drove over it several times, and I don't mind
saying, it is a little intimidating to me.
(I took more than two deep breaths on this one!)

 I am amazed at the engineering that goes into a structure
of this size, but thankful at the same time.

 If not for the bridge in the picture above, this is the bridge we
would have used to cross the New River........after traveling
down the side of one mountain, and then up the side of the
other. Is my flatlander showing??

Whatever the path we chose,
the most important thing for us
is that we traveled it together, sharing
the rest God provides in Him and
the gifts He has given us to enjoy.

Even though we traveled over 3000 miles, and
came home tired of riding, we were rested in spirit,
refreshed from the change in scenery and
looking forward to the next adventure together.
Until next time,

Monday, October 07, 2013

A History Lesson
We spent some time recently
at the Jamestown Settlement
in Virginia.

I have a new appreciation for the early
travelers to this new world.
They were brave and determined,
traveling in a small, cramped
cargo hold aboard ships much
like these.
This was one of the favorite stops on
our trip.
The weather was perfect,
and the scenery beautiful.
 The only way the travelers could come on deck
 was to be invited by the Captain.
 I figured I better make friends, I am
a little claustrophobic:))
We also visited Williamsburg and Yorktown.
More history to share later.

Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Consider the lilies, how they grow:
 they neither toil nor spin, yet I tell you,
even Solomon in all his glory was not arrayed like one of these.
Spider lilies, surprise lilies, hurricane lilies, naked ladies,
whatever you call them in your part of the world,
they are a lovely way to introduce October.

Until next time,

Monday, September 30, 2013


The goldenrod is yellow
the corn is turning brown

The trees in apple orchards
with fruit are bending down,
(from the poem September by Helen Hunt Jackson)
September is a month that starts out as summer
and ends with a hint of fall here in the south.
I am looking forward to cooler nights, crisp autumn days
and the lovely colors of October.
Until next time,

Monday, September 02, 2013


Once again, we are in drought conditions
and under a burn ban.
The Cypress trees are beginning to
color and drop their needles.
I think the fruit is such an odd looking
thing. Not pretty but definitely interesting.
Looking forward to rain and cooler temperatures~
Until next time,

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Saturday Supper

On our way to Saturday supper this week,
we spent about an hour at beautiful
Caddo Lake State Park.
Even though we are several hundred
miles north of Evangeline country,
this area reminds me of South Louisiana
and the Atchafalaya Basin.
Come along on our walk and see if you agree.
I have added a few lines from the poem
Evangeline by Longfellow that come to mind.
This is the forest primeval.
The murmuring pines and hemlocks,
 bearded with moss, and in garments of green,
indistinct in the twilight,
Stand like Druids of eld, with voices sad and prophetic.

Over their heads the towering and tenebrous boughs
of the cypress met in a dusky arch, and trailing mosses in mid-air
waved like banners that hang on the walls of ancient cathedrals.

Water-lilies in myriads rocked on the slight undulations
made by the passing oars.......

Deathlike the silence seemed, and unbroken, save by the herons
home to their roosts in the cedar-trees returning at sunset.

 Can you see the pirogue gliding through the
water bearing Evangeline on her journey to
find her Gabriel?
I found myself reading again their story so familiar
to the Cajun people of Louisiana
after I looked at the pictures we took.
Once again, we returned home, not only refreshed
in body from a good meal, but refreshed in
spirit and soul from the beauty
of the world God so graciously gave us to inhabit.
Hope you enjoyed our drive and your weekend was
also filled with beauty! 
Until next time,
(These photos were taken with David's little
point and shoot camera so they are not as sharp.
We didn't start out with this destination in mind...
I know! I should never leave home without my camera!)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Wishing and Hoping

Really hoping these lovely thunderheads
provide a shower this afternoon.

I did my part, I went through the
car wash on my way home from church :)

If that doesn't work, we watered the grass yesterday.

So now, it is up to nature.
 Rain or shine, it's a beautiful day.
Until next time,