Monday, September 02, 2013


Once again, we are in drought conditions
and under a burn ban.
The Cypress trees are beginning to
color and drop their needles.
I think the fruit is such an odd looking
thing. Not pretty but definitely interesting.
Looking forward to rain and cooler temperatures~
Until next time,


Shug said...

I love the cypress trees. Ours are doing the very same thing around here. It's so dry and it looks as if the Tree is telling us it's Fall time. What they're really saying is "I'm Dry"
Have a Blessed day.

racheld said...

I want to walk that beautiful road up there---with a stout stick and where DID I put those hiking boots?
We've been in Indiana for twenty-three years, and in all that time, I've seen exactly two snakes in the road, and both of those in the state park, rushing to get to the other side before all us walkers and bikers came too close.

There's just something in the promise of the curve of a road---what IS just beyond there, and will there be a surprise or a charming little happening of mushroom pattern or fern field or pitcher plants? I KNOW those lush green bayou trails and the way the greens deepen and sway as the wind blows through.

Looking down those roads is so engaging, and I think you could just walk all day, just to see what's next around the bend.


racheld said...
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mississippi artist said...

Everything is drying up and kicking the bucket here! We need a couple of days of slow rain to soak in.

Southern Lady said...

Hope you got some of the rain over the weekend ... We got just enough to refresh everything and cool things off a bit.