Sunday, June 24, 2012

Enjoying Summer

Just spending my days enjoying the sweet
smell of fresh mown hay.......

loving fields of wildflowers.........

having lunch alfresco with my hubbie
 at a local arts and crafts fair....

that's my summer so far....

I will be back when I have more intresting
 things to share.

May your skies be blue and your days
 long and lazy.

Wednesday, June 06, 2012

  ~  Smile  ~

     Now, doesn't this just make
you smile....whether you want
to or not?

      Sunflowers are
just the happiest blooms.

They're pretty, before.......


and after.

     We had a lovely day Saturday, visiting     
     the villages of Belcher & Gilliam
     enjoying the Sunflower festival.

     We visited the craft booths,
visited with friends we ran into,
and of course,
      visited the the Main Street Cafe for lunch...

     It was a day that brought a smile
to my face as bright as a sunflower!

Hope you're having a sunflower
happy week!

Until next time......

Friday, June 01, 2012

~ Flags are Blooming ~

“In my garden there is a

                                          large place for sentiment.

My garden of flowers is also my garden

                                        of thoughts and dreams.”

                                                                         ~Abram L. Urban

Once again, one of my favorite summertime
 flowers is blooming. They always make
me a little sentimental, reminding me
of my mama and growing up in the country.

This takes me back to a little girl, playing on
the porch on a warm afternoon
and seeing mama's flowers blooming
along the fence.

 We called these day lilies "flags",
I guess because they seemed to wave to
us in the summertime breeze.

They're a cheerful reminder of a
time when life moved slowly and
the smallest of pleasures brought joy.

I feel like summer has arrived!
 (even though it's not official yet.)


We are going to the Sunflower
Festival tomorrow.....:)

                                'Til next time......