Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Dogwood's a Bloomin'

The Dogwood is bloomin', Oh hush little one.
The winter is over, the warm winds have come.
The bud on the maple is tender and green.
The Hope of the Savior has risen with Spring.

The Dogwood is bloomin', perfuming the air.
Stirring the warm bed of the sleepy old bear.
Can he hear the rhythm that drums on the wind,
The heart of the Savior is beating again.

The Dogwood is bloomin', with blossoms of white.
Dressing the dark wood with innocent light.
Tellin' the secret it wants us to know,
The sins that were scarlet, are whiter than snow.

Words from the song "The Dogwood's Bloomin'" by the Annie Moses Band.

Saturday, March 20, 2010


On the way to work one morning this week I was blessed with the most beautiful sunrise.

Here I am at the four-way, pulled over to the side, taking this picture, not without some looks from the other motorists:)

The heavens declare the glory of our God. Psalm 19:1

Made my day!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

A Few Mossy Things

Remember I said in addition to the flowers of spring there is something else I love about this time of year? Well, actually, there is a LOT I love about this time of year, but in this instance I am referring to the moss that is the most beautiful color right now. I know, most people try to get rid of moss but I happen to love it! Think I need therapy? Probably, but how could you not love this color???

My husband and my son-in-law have offered to "clean it off" for me and don't quite understand my affinity for the mossy pavers.

When we first put this pathway in, I hated the new, raw look and couldn't wait for the weathering to take place. It reminds me of old southern landscapes that have been evolving for years. In the spring it is the prettiest shade of green.

 Ok, there is another mossy thing or two  I love.

How about a mossy piece of driftwood with a little moss of a different type and color of green growing beside it?

Or a mossy stone edging the flower bed.

Or Spanish moss hanging from the cypress trees on the lake? Not the pretty green color, but beautiful the same.
Maybe I am just at the mossy stage of life with a little moss growing on my north side, but if it is as pretty as the moss in nature, that's ok too. I just have to keep an eye on DH and Son-in-Law to make sure they don't try to clean me off!

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Nesting Inspiration

I recently visited Pat at her Back Porch Musings blog and she was talking about nesting. She always has beautiful ideas and I guess it inspired this little post. A while back the girls in the office and I found some really good buys on spring decorations. I ordered this wreath and just loved it when it arrived. I used it as the base for a centerpiece on the table. I thought the girls in Mississippi and Florida would like to see what I came up with.

There is lots of detail including eggs, feathers, flowers, moss...all those things that say spring.

I added the birds because it just looked like they belonged there.

View from the top.

For some reason, this is the only picture I took of the whole arrangement. I used a vase filled with moss and speckled eggs in the center and I thought the summer glasses were appropriate. I was also playing with new fun are these?? I am planning to use them on the table for Easter, they just happened to sneak in today. We are planning a redo of the eating area in the near future and I will be so glad to get rid of this 80's wallpaper. I understand wallpaper is making a comeback, but I can assure you it won't be coming back into this space!

Isn't she sweet? Ok girls, time to share what you have been doing to spruce up your nest for spring.
I'll be waiting to see your pretty ideas.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Warm Weather

Oh what a difference a few days of warm temps and sunshine make!

Remember this???

It now looks like this!

And those little sweeties are in full bloom.

They, along with the white narcissus, perfume the air around them.

Oh glorious spring! If I were a poet, I would wax poetic. I am looking forward to azalea, spirea, jasmine, and the list goes on. I am even looking forward to mowing grass, how's that for a good case of spring fever?
(The only downside I can see is the dreaded pollen.) I have another favorite that shows up in spring, but that will have to wait for another post.

Sunday, March 07, 2010

Bare Trees and Blue Skies

In our community, we have a wonderful place to walk and I try to go at least 3 or 4 times a week, weather permitting. One day this week, it was a wonderful warm afternoon with sunshine and a beautiful blue sky with wisps of snowy white clouds floating along.

When it comes to trees, Joyce Kilmer and I are kindred spirits! I love them any time of the year. I love springtime when the little green leaves begin to come out and the trees are waking after a long sleep. Then, in summer when they are in full leaf, providing shade and shelter for many different critters on the swamp. And let's not forget autumn when those leaves really begin to show off, changing into an array of colors before falling underfoot. Here is the kicker, I even love trees in the winter when their branches are bare! As I walked, the trees and sky were incredibly beautiful on this day, so on my last lap I took my camera and thought I would share their beauty with you.

The trails left by planes overhead add more interest to the sky.

There is a small prayer garden on the path with a rose arbor, redbuds, jasmine, magnolia, a gazebo, and much more to please the eye. It is a lovely place to sit and catch your breath if needed. There is also a baseball field, a small picnic area and crepe myrtles and honeysuckle around the path.  

The past two weeks have been a little difficult. Several very close friends have lost dear loved ones in death and it has left me a little melancoly and unsettled. Once again, God used nature to restore balance and calm to my spirit. Trees are strong, sturdy, sheltering, nurturing and comforting and my love affair with them continues!

When I came in the driveway at home, I spied this friend who raises a family in one of the tall oak trees around the house each year (on the tree branch). This has been going on for several years and I just barely got this shot before he flew. I have spent hours with the binoculars watching baby hawks each spring. I hope to get a really good pic of this guy or gal someday.

Thanks for coming along on my walk today, hope you enjoyed it!

Monday, March 01, 2010

Thrifty Find

Ok little sister, I know we don't have a Dirt Cheap or a Palmer Home shop but I do have a thrifty little  treasure that Ilona actually came across and it was too good to pass up. I haven't been to GW or garage sale shopping or antique shopping in several weeks, and they don't compare to your DC treasures (if you find another ironing board cover that name is in the pot for it) but........look what we found at Target!

Aren't these the cutest little cups? We figured we could use them for so many things but guess what they are packaged as?????

Yep, flower pots! They have a little package of seeds and a patty of dirt, all you add is the water..but I figured they were much more than a flower pot....

a pretty votive candle holder or even.....

an egg cup for soft boiled eggs at breakfast!
And just guess the price??????
.99 cents a piece!

I'm pretty sure I could think of a way to use them on an Easter table as well.
We were so excited at this little find (as you can tell, it doesn't take much to make us happy, especially when it is a bargain!)
Ok, Shannon and Ashley, it's your turn! What treasure have you found lately?