Sunday, March 07, 2010

Bare Trees and Blue Skies

In our community, we have a wonderful place to walk and I try to go at least 3 or 4 times a week, weather permitting. One day this week, it was a wonderful warm afternoon with sunshine and a beautiful blue sky with wisps of snowy white clouds floating along.

When it comes to trees, Joyce Kilmer and I are kindred spirits! I love them any time of the year. I love springtime when the little green leaves begin to come out and the trees are waking after a long sleep. Then, in summer when they are in full leaf, providing shade and shelter for many different critters on the swamp. And let's not forget autumn when those leaves really begin to show off, changing into an array of colors before falling underfoot. Here is the kicker, I even love trees in the winter when their branches are bare! As I walked, the trees and sky were incredibly beautiful on this day, so on my last lap I took my camera and thought I would share their beauty with you.

The trails left by planes overhead add more interest to the sky.

There is a small prayer garden on the path with a rose arbor, redbuds, jasmine, magnolia, a gazebo, and much more to please the eye. It is a lovely place to sit and catch your breath if needed. There is also a baseball field, a small picnic area and crepe myrtles and honeysuckle around the path.  

The past two weeks have been a little difficult. Several very close friends have lost dear loved ones in death and it has left me a little melancoly and unsettled. Once again, God used nature to restore balance and calm to my spirit. Trees are strong, sturdy, sheltering, nurturing and comforting and my love affair with them continues!

When I came in the driveway at home, I spied this friend who raises a family in one of the tall oak trees around the house each year (on the tree branch). This has been going on for several years and I just barely got this shot before he flew. I have spent hours with the binoculars watching baby hawks each spring. I hope to get a really good pic of this guy or gal someday.

Thanks for coming along on my walk today, hope you enjoyed it!

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Karen said...

I did. Thank you. Love you.

Lil Sis