Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Dogwood's a Bloomin'

The Dogwood is bloomin', Oh hush little one.
The winter is over, the warm winds have come.
The bud on the maple is tender and green.
The Hope of the Savior has risen with Spring.

The Dogwood is bloomin', perfuming the air.
Stirring the warm bed of the sleepy old bear.
Can he hear the rhythm that drums on the wind,
The heart of the Savior is beating again.

The Dogwood is bloomin', with blossoms of white.
Dressing the dark wood with innocent light.
Tellin' the secret it wants us to know,
The sins that were scarlet, are whiter than snow.

Words from the song "The Dogwood's Bloomin'" by the Annie Moses Band.


Karen said...

How utterly sweet!

Jon and Ashley said...

Aunt C! Your photography is outstanding!!!!! Love the pics :)