Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Getting My Farm Girl Fix

On our way home from Saturday Supper we
took a drive up to Dixie.
Several times a year, I feel my "roots"
calling and I just have to head out to
the country and  "see how the
crops are coming along" as my dad used to say.

The cotton is coming along nicely.
The days and nights are heating up,
perfect weather as far as cotton and okra are concerned.
The fluffy evening clouds in the distance ...... I love.
The corn has had a very good year so far.
After several years of drought conditions,
this is a beautiful sight to see.
We checked out the sunflowers
along the sunflower trail on our way home.
This time of the day, they have their
sweet faces turned to the east.
 Even the backside of this lovely
flower is so pretty. The leaves
look like green flower petals.  

Such a happy face!
Thankfully, this year this irrigation
system hasn't been need so far.
God has blessed us with wonderful
showers of liquid blessings arriving
at just the right time.
A trip to the country wouldn't be complete without
a friendly cow tucked in somewhere.
She was a bit curious and shy, so no smile :)
Wonder what happened to her other horn......
Lots of red winged blackbirds
visit the sunflowers each year. This
fellow was fussing at me for interrupting
his supper with my picture taking.
No matter what country roads we wander down,
they speak like a kindred spirit to me.
~I will always be a country girl at heart~
Hope you enjoyed checking out the crops with me!
Until next time,

Friday, June 21, 2013

Welcome Summer ~
"Tis wealth enough of joy for me
In summer time to simply be."
                                Paul L. Dunbar
I know summer has truly arrived, the
sweet double daylilies are in bloom.
Until next time,

Sunday, June 09, 2013

            ~ THIS AND THAT ~


         We spent Memorial Day visiting Mother and
Bill in Mississippi.
 They are amazing at what they accomplish at their age!
Here, they are finishing a handrail so when they
   go up the steps, (they built earlier this spring)
      they won't be as likely to trip or fall :)
         A few pictures of her beautiful lawn and flowers.
This was one of those tiny rose plants you see in the
          grocery store given to her by one of her children
        for a birthday or Mother's Day.
 I think it likes living in her yard.

                      This bed sits alongside the patio outside the sunroom.
                          Pretty verbena and coreopsis colors are
                          complimented by the variegated liriope.

               Here is a view of the back lawn and patio. To the right of
           the picture is where they are working on the handrails.
            Such a peaceful place to sit with morning coffee or
in the evening, watching the sun set.
       This weekend, we took a little
      road trip to the Tomato Festival
in Jacksonville, TX.
         Antique tractors were a favorite of ours.
       I remember my Daddy riding the red
        Farmall home in the evening.
   We would listen for the put...put...put...
  as he came up the lane from the fields.
                               The John Deere is one of David's favorites.

We spent sometime at the festival and came home
        with a half bushel of these tomatoes.
 The tomatoes in our little garden are still green,
we couldn't resist these fresh, red ripe beauties.
Pretty cool truck too...............

        The drive through the rolling hills of East Texas
         was worth the trip. The sky was blue with fluffy
   white clouds, the countryside green and
pretty much postcard perfect.

                    We're taking advantage of the lovely weather
                  to visit some fun places and enjoy nature before
                        the unbearably hot days of summer arrive.
Until next time,
Mama's French Blue Hydrangeas

Sunday, June 02, 2013

~ On the way to Saturday Supper ~

Perfect weather + right amount of rain =
 abundant wildflowers.
Patchwork rusty tin building.
Wearing its age so well.

More pretty wildflowers along a
country railroad track.
I love living in the South!
(Photos taken out the car window
on the way to supper)