Monday, April 26, 2010

Le Tour des Jardins

Every spring the Northwest Louisiana Master Gardeners sponsor a garden tour and I try not to miss this treat. The gardens vary in style, size and taste so there is something for everyone. This first garden is located on Caddo Lake, hidden from the street by a fence and hedge. Once inside, we found a true secret garden.
Sweeping garden beds with annual color.

Roses by the dozens if not hundreds.

At the second garden located on Cross Lake, we found whimsey at every turn like this fence carved by the owner as well as colorful yard art.

Isn't this the cutest little bit of fun! I especially like the flowers on her garden hat and the silver earrings. This proves gardening attire can be stylish as well...

One garden had an especially friendly guy to welcome guests. He put on quite a show for us and didn't seem shy at all.

Lovely things to see everywhere you look.

There was color found not only in blooms, but in foliage as well.
Thankfully, the weather was perfect and lots of visitors showed up to enjoy the effort all the gardeners put into getting their yards ready for company. I always find a new plant to add to my little garden each year. This year I think it will be an Empress tree. I understand they grow quickly so maybe we will be able to enjoy it fully grown in our lifetime!

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Southern Lady said...

I loved taking the tour with you, Carolyn. It was so lovely, and I especially liked the carved fence. It's always fun to see other people's imaginations and creativity come to life in projects like that one.