Sunday, April 18, 2010

* Lovely Lavender *

This is my version of Mosaic Monday. Blue and lavender flowers are some of my favorites. Here is a bearded iris and a Louisiana iris along with a vinca ground cover that has the sweetest bloom.


pfoconnor said...

Hello, Carolyn. You are a busy blogger. I am a new one, but I happened across yours today and looked at a good bit of it. I am in Metairie and I envy much about North Louisiana and the things you can grow. There are a few compensations here. I guess we can't have everything.

Your blog is beautiful and great fun to read.


Southern Lady said...

So beautiful, Carolyn. I love Louisiana Irises and the sweet little Vinca blooms. We have some of the yellow irises, but I didn't realize they grow wild. I may move some of ours to our waterfall in our courtyard.

I always enjoy visiting your lovely blog and seeing your beautiful photographs.