Monday, September 04, 2006

Labor Day

Labor: expenditure of physical or mental effort especially when difficult or compulsory. (definition according to Mr. Webster)
Today is the last holiday of summer, the day we have set aside to take a break from working. (as if we need an excuse) I have the day off from work, but have many chores planned that involve both physical and mental effort. This has always been a good weekend to do fall cleaning, getting the yard and flower beds ready for fall annuals and clearing out the faded and bloomed out spring plantings. I begin to bring out the fall decorations and most important of all ..........I put away the white shoes and purse of summer! I know this is an old fashioned tradition and yet, no matter how many of today's designers say it's ok to wear white year around.... I just can't do it. Wearing white shoes and carrying white purses only between Easter and Labor Day is ingrained into my very being. It doesn't bother me to see others wearing white off season, just can't do it myself.
Dear Husband has to work today and daughter and son-in-law are working on their house remodel, so I have no excuse for not getting my chore list accomplished, and I have already worked the crossword puzzle (so much for the mental effort.) I still have to clean house, iron, pay bills, cut grass, and cook for the hungry bunch (the compulsory physical effort.)
If I hurry, I might just have a few minutes to actually sit and rest on this bench!

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