Saturday, August 26, 2006

The Devil is in the Details

I have often heard that expression, but experienced it first hand this past week. It was one of those weeks that every little thing that could go wrong.....did. The simplest tasks became difficult and it seemed like no matter how hard I worked, nothing was being accomplished. On top of all that, the promised cooler temps (mid 90's) only lasted a day at the most and the rain that fell was almost to little to measure. The St. Augustine is about to give up altogether and even the potted plants are suffering in spite of frequent watering and feeding. But it could be worse. The air conditioner still works and surely there is cooler weather somewhere in the future. We are also fortunate that God did not create us to molt like the cardinal in the picture. They are ratty and tattered looking right now, and appear to have a plague of some sort. But we all know that this winter, when they appear at the feeder, they will be bright and beautiful birds once again. So as hot, dry and droopy as everything around here is (including me this week) there is hope that on a different day we will once again feel lively and looked refreshed. No matter how many details the devil manages to get into, like the molting cardinal, this too shall pass.

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