Saturday, August 19, 2006

Good Things

It is often said that good things come in pairs and that has proven true in our family. Our niece, who has been with child for some 8 months 2 weeks and counting, delivered a pair of twins Friday. One girl, Hannah (8lbs +) and one boy, Benjamin (6lbs +) and a very happy mother to have this part of motherhood over with. As I understand it, Mother and children are doing well even though it was a difficult delivery. Since they are in Mississippi and I am in Louisiana, I haven't seen for myself as yet, but hope to before too long. I wish them a long, happy, successful life.
Another 100+ degree day is in store for us today, one of too many to count this August. I managed to cut grass this morning while the Dr. Pepper thermometer on the back porch was still in the double digits. I had planned to mow each afternoon this week, but when at 7pm it still registered at 100, I decided it could wait. The not so clear picture is the fall clematis now blooming. I am surprised since it has been so hot and dry, but evidently that doesn't bother this plant. It perfumes the whole back yard in the evening and such a welcome sight among the faded plants of spring. Things are looking up though. We have the promise of cooler temps (all the way down to mid 90's!) and a slight chance of a shower on the swamp this week. It is all in the way we look at things. Life is full of blessings, like the two new additions to the family to fill our hearts with joy and fall clematis blooming to please our sight and fill our senses with fragrance.

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