Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Springtime on Cypress Knee Swamp

It's resurrection time! The trees are greening and the grass is growing. George Tabor & Formosa azalea buds are fat and ready to open. The dogwood tree is in bloom and the yellow jasmine is winding down. Spring is in full swing on Cypress Knee Swamp. We have had rain off and on for the past two weeks and the swamp is full of water at last. Mr. & Mrs. Mallard have been seen swimming around so I will be on the look out for babies in days to come. The hawks are busy nesting and the feeders are still brimming with finches. They can clean out a thistle feeder in a little over a day.
This is my favorite time of year. Every day as I walk in the yard something changes. I planted a viburnum several years ago and it has never bloomed. By last spring my patience was exhausted and I intended to cut it down and plant something else in it's place but never got around to it. I mentioned to David I needed to have it cut this spring, but to my surprise, it is loaded with blooms! Do you think plants can sense when they have pushed a gardener to the limit and start performing as God intended?

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