Sunday, May 28, 2006

Brave New World!

The yellow warblers come every year to nest in the little blue cottage under our porch. This year they raised three babies and Shannon was home to catch this little one on the brink of its first flight. This is number two on the perch and he bravely flew all the way to the windmill on his first try. (number 3 is peaking out behind and was not nearly as brave or eager to leave as the other two).
I was outside yesterday afternoon and heard the hawks calling to their babies, so I ran to grab my binoculars and sure enough, the two baby hawks were practicing take offs and landings in and out of the nest. They are the only birds I have noticed that fly back to their nest several times before leaving for good. They are so graceful and beautiful in the air. They are also very large babies! They look like giants beside the little warbler babies.
We spent the afternoon enlarging that round flower bed to match the size of the the windmill. Dear husband and I realize once again, we are not as young as we used to be! It was hot out, but a breeze blew making it bearable and even enjoyable. I will post a picture once it is finished, (if it doesn't kill us in the process)
Tomorrow is Memorial Day and I am always reminded of the great sacrifice so many gave for the freedom I have to plant a garden, watch the birds hatch or a million other things I am allowed to do without fear. We are planning to cook burgers, enjoy family and wave the flag with pride!

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