Monday, January 01, 2007

New Year

The beginning of a new year has always been a time of reflection on the last 12 months and a time for taking stock and making a resolution to do things differently in the year to come. Of course, in my case, most of those resolutions never quite come to pass, but I make them with optimism and resolve each January just the same.
The year 2006 was a good one for me and my family. Our daughter and son-in-law moved back to Louisiana after living in Florida for too many years and that blessed our hearts beyond measure. Our niece and nephew are the proud parents of healthy and happy twins and that reminds us there is hope for the future. I have gone back to work part time at a job I love, working with people I like, and once again feel I am in some way making a difference. The swamp has filled our spare time with joy in watching the wildlife and birds, the beauty of the flowers, the trees and all nature has to offer. Our parents are enjoying good health for their age and our siblings are all doing well. My own health has suffered a setback with having surgery but I am doing well and expect to recover and enjoy 2007. All in all, I couldn't ask for more than God has blessed me with already.
Some resolutions for the New Year:
To treasure each day for that day alone, not carrying the woes of the previous day or borrowing from the next.
To treasure each person I know for who they are, not what I expect or want them to be.
To not take for granted the time and place I have been given on this earth.
To be more spontaneous (hard for a ducks in a row person)
Once again, I am determined to work on this, but I know things have a way of crowding out even the best of intentions. It is always interesting to look back and see how well I have carried out the resolutions of the year before, but wait, I can't remember the resolutions of 2006! Hmmmm, maybe that is why my New Year's resolutions historically never come to fruition.
Hope your 2006 was good and 2007 even better.
Aunt C

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