Saturday, February 03, 2007

Frosty Morn

The winter weather continues on the swamp. This morning we had a low of around 20 or 21 degrees and a heavy frost covered the yard. Patches of thin ice floated at the edge of the swamp. The sun came out and is shining brightly making lots of sparkly diamonds on the lawn and melting the frost quickly. After another trip to the Wild Bird Store this weekend, we ended up with another hook pole and more finch feeders. They have started to arrive in herds, hoards, flocks however finches arrive. The feeders have been covered in the little birds with more nearby waiting a turn. This is not a good picture, but gives an idea of what it is like. They have just about emptied the thistle sock in 2 days but so much fun to watch. The cardinals are active along with the sparrows and squirrels.

This past week, Dear Husband and I passed another milestone in our life together. We celebrated our 38th wedding anniversary. Well, not much celebrating goes on after 38 years, but you get the drift. I had a beautiful bouquet of flowers and a trip to my favorite James Avery shop for a new bracelet and that is a lot of celebrating for me these days! It has been a wonderful 38 years and I don't know where the time has gone. I feel if anyone has been married that long, surely they must be old, but don't feel either one of us fit that category just yet. They say the trick to growing up is not to grow old, and while I am working on that, Dear Husband has that down pat. He will never entirely grow up so as a result will never entirely grow old. makes life interesting. I am thankful for each year, for even thought they weren't all easy, they were all good and I would not choose anyone else to spend them with. I am looking forward to many more.

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Ross said...

Congratulations, David and Caroline!