Saturday, November 08, 2008


This has been another week of milestones. We have a new president and he is unlike any that has ever led our country before and that leaves us facing an uncertain future. I intend to pray for him and our country daily.

A milestone of a different kind, a man admired by millions of people celebrated his 90th birthday this week. Rev. Billy Graham has stood the test of time, fame, fortune and the public eye, remaining a godly man of integrity and honesty. He did not disappoint.

Today the Fox clan will celebrate the 9oth birthday of another man, not famous, not wealthy or known by the public (unless you count his popularity on the golf course), but also a godly man of integrity and father-in-law, Woody Fox. He is in amazingly good health and of sound mind. He has been a good husband, father, grandfather, provider and faithful Sunday school teacher. He also did not disappoint.

Both of these men have lived through World wars, the great depression, mechanical and technology changes, space travel and the list goes on....... They not only survived, they lived wonderful lives. In 1918 they could never have imagined life in 2008.

Even though we can't imagine what our future will be like, nothing in it is a surprise to God. He is the same today as in 1918. We who trust in Him, will not only survive but live an abundant life. God promised it and He NEVER disappoints!


Bonida said...

Happy Birthday Woody from Bonida and Earl! Send him our love.

Jon and Ashley said...

Awww... Happy Birthday to Mr. Woodrow! I just love those Fox men :)