Saturday, September 19, 2009

First Look of Fall

Even though the days are still quite warm, fall seems to be in the air. The days are shorter and I am ready for  fall decorations and color. So I have begun to place some of these around the house, even if nature has not begun to change much outside.

Basket for the Back Door

Pretty Fall Votive

Just a few Nandina leaves for the table.

Fall Berries and Leaves for the Mantle

Dried Sunflower Arrangement for the Hearth

Watch for pumpkins and mums!

Aunt C

1 comment:

Jon and Ashley said...

Very cute :) I am still waiting to see the great table scape!!! Jonboy says let him know when you post something cool like a gator tied up in the backyard or what-not :) Love you.... only 24 days til Myrtle Beach!!!!!!