Sunday, November 29, 2009


It seems November arrived only yesterday and tomorrow we say goodbye to this one of my favorite months. The month of December is so busy I scarcely have time to enjoy it, but November is a lovely time of cooler weather, changing colors and getting ready for what the South calls winter. Some reminders of November..

We saw the leaves go to glory,
Then almost migratory
Go part way down the lane,
And then to end the story
Get beaten down and pasted
In one wild day of rain.
We heard "Tis over" roaring.
A year of leaves was wasted.
                              Robert Frost

Mums brought from Grandma Fox's yard in York, AL over 35 years ago.

I am always a little sad on the one hand this time of year, to see this season come to an end. On the other hand, it means we are on our way to spring, another one of my favorite seasons! Farewell, sweet November.
Aunt C

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