Saturday, February 20, 2010

Looking For Spring!

Today was a beautiful, springlike day. I spent the afternoon raking and cleaning out flower beds, keeping an eye out for any sign of spring! Here are a few things that hint spring is indeed on it's way.

Tiny jonquils  I call Sweeties are just beginning to open.

Daylilies peeping thru the leaves.

Sedum Autumn Joy

Oak Leaf Hydrangea bud

Native Azalea (even the bud is pretty!)

Rio Somba Rose

And last, Dandelion! What's not to love about this happy yellow bloom? Some of my favorite flowers are considered weeds. Wildflowers have always had a place close to my heart. I'm sure the cold weather is not over, but nature is telling me that spring is not far away.

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Karen said...

This is probably one of my favorite of your posts. Your photography is becoming quite professional!
love you,
lil sis