Friday, October 15, 2010

Wyoming Wildlife


As promised, some pictures of the awesome wildlife in the Grand Teton and Yellowstone National Park. Everywhere we traveled, we were on the lookout for the animals. Anytime two or more cars were stopped on the side of the road, you could be sure they had some form of wildlife in their sights!

This black bear was happily eating berries by the roadside and we, with about 50 others, found a safe spot and snapped away.


One afternoon as we were driving through the Grand Teton Park, we saw this herd of buffalo grazing alongside the road. This is what I see in my minds eye when I think of the plains of Wyoming. They were as magnificent as I expected. I could certainly imagine thousands of these animals thundering across the prairie, shaking the earth.


As we were leaving, the sky began to look pretty ominous but looks can be deceiving in this part of the world. This is really miles and miles away. We never got any of this rain.


This fellow was the best surprise. Our daughter’s one wish was to see a moose on this trip. As a matter of fact, we traveled several miles to different parts of the Park following one report after another of “moose sightings”.  She was the one who actually saw this big guy first (and they are BIG). We kept a respectful distance, making sure not to disturb any of the animals, but I think they are used to being photographed and admired. I was so glad she got her wish! There was also a female and a baby who was laying down in the grass. ( I always think they look like they are smiling, don't you?)



How would you like to have an elk cut your grass? We asked a resident if they ever had to mow and she replied, “no, and we don’t have to fertilize either” :)


How about looking out your window and seeing this lady? We couldn’t figure what she was so interested in, but after I looked at this picture, I think she thought there was another elk in the reflection in the window. We saw many more especially at dusk or a little after. At night, there were so many elk on the highway, we had to drive slowly to keep from hitting them. Too bad it was too dark to get good pictures of them. We heard them calling each other and it is the most beautiful sound. It was a real treat to see them up close.

Ok, I think you will recognize the rest, I will just be quiet and let you visit the animals.








When I look at these animals, I think they are my favorite part of the trip. Then I look at the amazing mountains, water falls, lakes, rivers, flats, plains and think they are my favorite. Then there are the trees, flowers, berries……and you see it is impossible to choose. God revealed Himself in His amazing creation and I was in love with it all.  I will share one more post and hope you are not tired of vacation pictures just yet!


Karen said...

Never tired;)))

Southern Lady said...

Oh, Carolyn, it looks as if all those beautiful creatures were just waiting for you to come along with your camera! What a glorious adventure for you and your family. And I love the awesome picture of the storm brewing, too.

How I would love to see that part of "God's country" for myself.