Saturday, December 25, 2010


Her first day of school

Getting her Nursing Degree

Marrying her sweetheart


Grandma with her children and grandchildren ~ Christmas 2008

She was a godly example of a wife, mother and grandmother.

Grandma celebrated the birth of her Lord in His very presence this Christmas. We love and miss you.

Yvonne Cook Fox
March 7, 1920 ~ December 23, 2010


Karen said...

Glory is waiting, waiting up yonder, where we shall spend an endless day; No tears in heaven, sorrow and pain will all have flown...... I will miss Mrs. Fox. I am glad to have known her. I love you all.


Jenni said...

So Sorry to know that your Christmas this year was touched with the sorrow of missing a beloved grandmother.... What beautiful pictures and memories you all have of her life, and her love will be with you always.....

She must have been a lovely and wonderful lady....

Deb said...

a very nice tribute....