Wednesday, April 06, 2011

After the Storm


Blue skies


Smiling at me


Nothing but blue skies


Do I see…..


This past weekend, along with most of the country, we had storms with lots of wind and water. The rain was desperately needed in our part of the world and we welcomed it with open arms.
 Fortunately, we didn’t have any hail or tornados.

After the rain, the green of the trees and the blue of the sky was beyond beautiful. The air was a bit cooler and as I walked, this old Irving Berlin song kept going through my head
 (and no one sang it better than Ella Fitzgerald).


Hope your skies are blue and the
bluebird is singing at your house today.


Jenni said...

"Gray days, all of them gooone, nothing but bluuue skies, from now on..."

Oh I do love that song! And your photos were the perfect visual to go with the lyrics. Glad the storm is over and gone for you all!

Now, if you could just send some rain down to Texas we would be greatful!


Karen said...

Never saw the sun shinin so bright, never saw things goin so right....or something like that :). I wish I'd been on that walk too! Hoping the blue birds are singin for you sweet sister!
love you,

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Love that song and love your blue sky photos. Beautiful! We had some nice weather here today and I did indeed see a couple of bluebirds. Aren't they the sweetest, prettiest little things? Glad you didn't have severe weather.

Southern Lady said...

Only God can make that color blue! Thank you for sharing your blue skies, Carolyn ... and the song, too. What a nice way to start my day.