Friday, December 23, 2011

A Pelican Brief

As you know, we live in the Pelican State
with the Brown Pelican as our state bird.

We rarely see Pelicans this far north, but
once in a while, we get this awesome experience
and usually it is only for a brief time.

I passed by what is locally known as the
"twin bridges" and as I looked into the lake
cove, this is what I saw. Hundreds of
pelicans, white egrets and "poodle doos"
or "coots"  as some folks call them.

The day is overcast and grey so the
pictures are a little on the grey side as well.

The beauty of our state just speaks to my heart and
I know you all have places of beauty where
 you live as well.

Lots of folks fish from the bank on this
part of the lake. This pickup truck caught my eye.
I know my son-in-law would like it....
pretty cool ride to go fishin' in, I'm thinking.

I know this isn't exactly Christmasy to
most folks, but for us, this is what we
see this time of year.

This brought such joy to my day
and I hope it brightened yours a little also!

Til next time,

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Jenni said...

I have always thought Pelicans are so neat looking.... we have them here where I live, too...

Thanks for sharing the photos!