Sunday, April 01, 2012

Traveling the Back Roads

The weather is beautiful, the skies blue and
the weather warm.
We decided not to spend the day
 cleaning and doing yardwork.....
instead we opted to take
a day trip the little town of
San Augustine, TX.

It is located on the El Camino Real,
which runs from Natchitoches, LA to
Old Mexico.
There is lots of history packed into
this little place!

We visited the museum, entering through 
a long Muscadine vine arbor.
Aren't the shadows lovely?
We learned about
the Ais Indians (pronounced ice)
who lived here originally when the
Spanish established the Mission Dolores.
(Mission Nuestra Senora de los Dolores de los Ais)

We visited the courthouse downtown with
its pretty green windows.

We then checked out the hoosegow next door....
not a place I would like to spend the night for sure.

Taking the backroads once again from Texas
over to the Louisiana side, we passed this
quaint little church and cemetery.

You know I just can't resist
the history of an old cemetery! 

Did you check out the date on this one??
Born 1777 -1843
Came to Texas 1824

We had such a lovely day.
The price of gasoline is becoming
so prohibitive, I'm not sure we'll
be able to indulge in these little trips
as often as we like, so I am
cherishing them all the more.

Hope your weekend was filled
with beauty and happiness as well.



Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Looks like a very interesting day trip, Carolyn. I love that arbor. The jail looks like a place to avoid, for several reasons..ha!
Our weather here was gorgeous and so warm for this time of year.

S. Etole said...

Wonderful shadows and I like that green window.

Southern Lady said...

I loved traveling the back roads with you, Carolyn. I miss our day trips into Texas, since we moved from Shreveport to Vicksburg.

Hope you enjoyed your visit with your family.

Karen said...

I just love "traveling" with you~
you always leave me wanting to know what else is around the corner(?)
You could be the Walt Grayson of Louisiana/Texas:)!!!
love ya

Karen said...

p.s. the clover and wild flowers and grass were my favorite~