Sunday, October 07, 2012

~ Blue Ridge, Ga. ~

We recently spent a week in
a cabin near Blue Ridge, Ga.
The directions to the cabin
were a little daunting, with
the final turn to be made "where
you see the home made name signs on a tree."
You just knew it had to be a great place
with "Ole King Coe" and the "Loonie Bin"
 as neighbors.
The cabin was perfect with porches
that looked over Blue Ridge Lake.
 Cool mornings greeted us with a view
of mist rising above the water below.
We spent most of our time outdoors, doing
some hiking and taking a couple of day trips.
Shannon wanted to see Rock City near Chattanooga.
We had taken her years ago and
our son-in-law had never
been .... so off we went.
It is a fun place with lots of walking paths beautifully landscaped.
Here is Shannon & Scott bravely headed
into Goblins underpass.
One of the most photographed
spots - aptly named lovers leap.
As you can imagine, the view is
A view of the swinging bridge from
below. The leaves were just beginning
to color and were so pretty against the sky.
Beauty everywhere we looked.
And near the end of our walk,
this rock called the"witch with pipe".
Hmmm.... the face I see...I think they
should loose the pipe.
I'd rather use my imagination. 
We had a great day, the weather was perfect
and we enjoyed visiting Rock City with
our "little girl" and her hubby once again :))
The Biltmore estate was also
on our list of places to revisit.
 I will share some of those pics
Til next time....


Southern Lady said...

I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip to Blue Ridge, Carolyn. I envy you going this time of year.

Your photos are spectacular, as usual, and I look forward to seeing Biltmore through the lens of your camera.

Jenni said...

I loved reading about your trip,Carolyn, dear! and the funny thing is, I have photos taken from almost the same angles of the Goblins Underpass, the waterfall, and the swinging bridge and also Lover's leap..... I haven't ever got to go to Biltmore, though, and so am eagerly awaiting your photos and details of that......