Thursday, May 30, 2013

~ The Wild Side of Cypress Swamp ~

For at least the past ten years, a pair of hawks have
nested here on the Cypress Knee Swamp.
Every spring I wait for them, hoping that once more
they will choose one of our trees to raise another family.
Once again, nature did not disappoint me.
When I stopped for the mail this afternoon,
I got a glimpse of movement in the tree
by the mailbox.

I grabbed my little Canon and
snapped a few pictures.
They are shy and any sudden movement
sends them flying.

I was a distance away, so the images are not
very sharp, but I was thrilled to capture these.

According to Wikipedia, hawks mate for life. I don't
know if this is the same pair, or if one or more
of the offspring has chosen to return to mate here.
We try to be as hospitable as possible. We like
having them as of their
favorite things to eat is a snake.
They can help themselves to all the snakes
they can catch!
No matter what is going on in the world around us,
I find comfort in the order and the magic of nature.
It never ceases to delight me!
Hope you are finding delight in nature in your neck of the woods.


Cheryl @ TFD said...

I love all things nature, but I have to say that I don't like snakes! I'd love to have a pair of your hawks around here. We do have a hawk that I see every now and then sitting on a dead limb in one of the trees down back of our property. I don't know what kind of hawk he is. Your photos are great, Carolyn, thanks for sharing!

Southern Lady said...

Those are great pictures, Carolyn. You are fortunate to live in the midst of such beautiful creatures. I'd like to think your hawks are the same ones who nested there before ... which is truly awesome, if you stop and think about it.

A "How Great Thou Art" moment for sure!

mississippi artist said...

Love these photos. We have a red hawk nesting behind our house in the churchyard! We live in town. I have seen her sitting in front of the church with her wings spread out-have no idea what she was doing.

Jenni said...

So pretty in a majestic way... I love that you get to see Nature up close every day! I cannot STAND snakes of any kind... even the harmless ones... they aren't harmless to me because I will injure myself getting away from them... LOL! So if Hawks eat them.... I am a FAN!

Fab Photos, as usual, Carolyn!

racheld said...

Always delightful to see you at Lawn Tea, and aren't those memories something?

I've always found the idea of a little white clapboard house to be charming indeed. I'm gonna have to look that up again---I know shingle and board-and-batten, etc., but clapboard evokes sweet cottages with a flower garden every time.

Thanks for dropping in!!


Jenni said...

Hi again Carolyn... Please stop by and visit me @ Jazzy Jennis World... God protected me in a Special way from terrible danger this past weekend and I want to share it with you....