Thursday, February 16, 2006

Life on Cypress Knee

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Name: Carolyn F. Location: Louisiana, USA

Today doesn't seem like winter in Louisiana. The temperature is in the 70's and as I look out my window, the yard has a look of spring. I see Saucer Magnolias, King Alfreds, and Forsythia in bloom. The weatherman says more winter is coming, but I will enjoy the fair weather while it is here. The birds have been a bright spot all winter, making up for the bare trees and brown grass with their color, grace and beauty feeding at the different feeders in the back yard. We noticed the hawks working on their nest yesterday. They have been raising families in the big oak tree for several years now and we look forward to seeing the new babies each spring. Will keep you posted on their progress.

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BonidaK said...

Cool. I WOULD have fainted but I was sitting down and recovered quite nicely. We had a hawk in residence in our side yard till the hurricane blew her nest away and she moved on. Look forward to future entries. Love, Bunny