Friday, February 17, 2006

The weatherman's prediction has come to pass. Winter has returned with possibility of icy rain tonight and tomorrow. The yard is covered in blackbirds, cleaning out the feeders and gobbling up any morsel of food they can find. I think they must have heard the report also and are stocking up "just in case".
The skies are gray and it is a good day to bake cookies, read a book or watch an old movie. I think God gives us gray days for just that reason. Our spirits, minds and bodies need to cuddle up, eat some comfort food, and relax into the day. I have spent the morning reflecting on what I heard last night. Jennifer Rothchild spoke at a local church concerning what she has learned from her walk in the dark. (Jennifer has been blind since her teens) One of the things she said has settled in my heart, "don't let your fear overcome your faith". For someone who tends to get caught up in my circumstances, good advice.

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