Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Feathered Friend

Our pair of little yellow birds are back, working on another family. This time they definitely set up housekeeping in the gourd under the porch. Why they changed address I haven't a clue. Maybe because it is a cooler spot, out of the sun since it is much hotter now than when they started the first family.
Here is a picture, although not a great one, but if you enlarge (click) you can get a better view.
The baby hawks are hunting like old timers now. We have seen and heard them out in the front acre, looking for a tasty morsel to nibble on. We finally had some rain, about an inch and a half, and everything has been refreshed from birds to people. Unfortunately, along with the rain came the heat and humidity. Gotta love the liquid air of the south in summertime!
Summertime also brings garden veggies. We have had fresh pinto beans, tomatoes, squash, and sweet corn on the cob this week thanks to the generosity of those who have gardens and share. This takes me back to my childhood on the farm. Mother always had a large garden and something was always ready to pick, shell, wash or peel. And if that wasn't enough to keep us busy, the job I hated the most, the washing of the fruit jars in a galvanized wash tub!
It's funny that something that was such a chore then is such a treat now. Maybe that is why we consider them the "good ole days". It takes getting older to appreciate them.

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