Wednesday, June 02, 2010

~ JUNE ~

June has arrived!

June is many things, but never is it boring. Here on Cypress Knee Swamp, there is always a "critter" somewhere to observe. This is one of many turtles who attempt to raise a family here on the lake. They come up close to the house to dig a hole and lay their eggs (in the yard, in the flower bed, in the driveway). I am not sure why, maybe they feel it is safer away from the water. This mother-to-be was at my back door a few days ago. While she was pondering the best spot to lay, a raccoon comes from the island behind our house looking for her. You see, there is nothing a raccoon likes better than turtle eggs. I shooed him away, but mother turtle decided my back porch was not the best spot after all and moved on. We find lots of turtle nests that have been "raided" and I wonder how they manage to raise a family. But as there is no shortage of turtles, some must be hatching somewhere. 

Nature is always interesting!

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