Tuesday, June 08, 2010


I can't help but wonder about the families who lived in this house. If walls could talk, I imagine there would be many stories to tell.

Alex Haley is the well known author of  "Roots" and I was reminded of that book as we took our drive to the country to see the sunflowers. It is one of my favorite places to wander.......
 I grew up the daughter of a cotton & soybean farmer and a drive down a country road takes me back to a comfortable and familiar time and place, back to my "roots".
I can't explain the feeling of connectedness, if there is such a word, that I get anytime I find myself in farm country. It is a kinship I feel in my heart and soul, something familiar in the neat rows of corn and cotton and the tidy homes and yards that house the families who farm this land.
Rows of corn standing straight and tall like sentinels. The ears filling out and the tassels just beginning to turn.

Fields of cotton with the heat of the afternoon shimmering in the distance.

Fragrant bales of  hay, rolled and ready for use.

Thistles, mostly disliked, but I find these beautiful. (maybe because this is not my field)

Growing up on a farm meant hard work for everyone, but I wouldn't change my "roots" for anything. I have wonderful memories of my childhood on that Arkansas farm with my parents and sisters. Those "roots" run deep, anchoring me still, even 60 years later.................... 


Karen said...

You just had to live it to really appreciate it. Well done, elder sis. Well done.

love you

Karen said...

I think you have possibly taken the *prettiest* picture of thistle...ever. I wish I could frame it up and display it. Actually looks like someone else may like that old weed...a whole field of it;). Great pictures!!!