Monday, February 21, 2011



Or, maybe I should say people watching.




This fellow would never get any closer so I couldn’t get a better picture of him.


The red Cardinal against a blue sky couldn’t be missed.


While taking this picture, the only bird I could see was the male cardinal, what a surprise to see his mate and friends in the picture.


These were taken at my Mother’s house in Mississippi this past weekend through the breakfast room window. I didn’t have a zoom lens and some were really too far away to get a good shot, but I decided to share anyway.

I love birds!


Karen said...

AWW, you caught the woodpecker with a berry or seed in his beak!!!
You are such a good photographer...
Can't even imagine what you could do with one of those *fancy* cameras:) I love birds too!

Jenni said...

What wonderful shots of some feathered friends! I, too, love birds... your post today is one of those that I will have to come and visit several times.....

The pic of multiple birds is so neat! It looks like a male and female cardinal, and maybe a mocking bird? I can't tell what the one in the back is.... so very cool that you caught all of them perched in a little group, like they were hanging out at the "birdie starbucks" or something.....
the woodpecker is so pretty with it's bright red "cap" on....

Hugs, Jenni

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

You've got some great shots of our feathered friends. I love watching the birds, but getting a good photo of the little guys is hard to do, at least for me, since they won't stand still! Have a good weekend!