Saturday, February 12, 2011


The greatest treasures are those invisible to the eye
but found by the heart” 


As we approach Valentine’s Day, thoughts turn to matters of the heart
 and hearts are found everywhere.


Some favorite hearts are found in the form of chocolate!


They can also be found in a lovely rose covered salad plate.


Others, in a small gift, that is wrapped in a gauzy pink bag embellished with hearts for a young friend.


Or in the craft heart made sitting around the table with loved ones, laughing and sharing into the night as we created our take home keepsakes.


Then, there is the heart made by my sister from a very old quilt, handmade by my mother when I was a child, cut into pieces
 and shared by daughters. We all loved the red ant.
It is a heart treasure.


The shadow of hearts, reflected from a piece of milk glass collected especially to hang in the blue room.


And the traditional Valentine for a special person, asking to  *Be Mine*.
David asked that question 42 years ago as of last week,
 and he is still my Valentine!


Some hearts are valuable, others are purely decorative (or decadent),
 but the heart reflected here represents family.
A place where a heart can call home… A place where a heart can be shared…a place where a heart makes memories that last
with those it loves………

"A Great Treasure”

Wishing you a Happy Valentine’s Day!


I HEART you all!


Jenni said...

what a neat collection of hearts!
My fave is the Ant pillow.... what a wonderful keepsake for all of you daughters.....
Happy Valentine's Day!

(And we "heart" you too)


Southern Lady said...

Beautiful post, Carolyn ... I love your wonderful collection of hearts, and the quote at the beginning of your post.

Best wishes to you for a happy and memorable Valentine's Day.