Friday, May 13, 2011

Des Jardins II


As promised, a few more pictures from the garden tour last weekend. In addition to the flowers, I took quite a few pictures of “garden art” or accessories that I thought were used well.
 I loved the shape of this hummingbird feeder as well as the color hung in front of the window.


There were lovely fountains in several of the gardens and this one was particularly inviting. All the cool greenery around made you want to stop and sit a spell.


Candles on a low wall would be so pretty lit in the evening time.


Here is what resembles a sugar kettle or something similar that has been turned into a fountain in a entryway courtyard.


And just for my mother and sister, beautiful hydrangeas. Isn’t this the most beautiful shade of pink?
These pictures are mostly straight from the camera and these colors were awesome.


Another lighter shade of pink in the same hydrangea bed.


Had enough pink?  Well, how about blue?


These French Blue hydrangeas take me back once again to my childhood, to my Aunt Willie Mae’s house with these big
blue-balled hydrangeas all along the side of her house.
Blue is my favorite color and this shade just  makes me happy.


How about this shade of blue with just a hint of yellow center?


And then, there is somewhere in between blue and pink.


Oh, I just can’t choose! I love them all.


The sunlight dappled on the blooms and leaves was so pretty.
 I wish I could go back and take my time in photographing these beautiful gardens.  


As we were admiring one of the borders in a garden, we saw this woodpecker in the neighbor’s compost bin having lunch. He was so fun to watch, diving in for a tasty bug or worm. I couldn’t get close enough to reach across the fence, so pretend the wire isn’t there.
  Birds and Blooms….my two favorite things!


As I said earlier, I always learn something new on these tours.
 Here, in the corner of a porch, this nest caught my eye.
Before you get squeamish, the snake is not real. I am pretty sure he was placed there to discourage the building of a birds nest….
as you can see, and as was evidenced by a bird flying back and forth to the nest, it didn’t work!
 Sounds like a good plan to me, but evidently the bird wasn’t fooled.


Pretty blue glass bowl could be used as a feeder or small bird bath. This bed was mostly green and this cool blue added just the
 right  amount of color.

I hope you enjoyed, once again, my meanderings through these wonderful gardens.  Did you get any good ideas? I hope so.

 I can certainly understand why God decided to create man in a garden. There is no more beautiful place on earth. 


Till next time…….Carolyn

I created this post a couple of days ago and due to Blogger problems, I am just now posting.

  My prayers are with the folks living near the Mississippi River in Louisiana and Mississippi. My heart goes out to them. 


Jenni said...

I'm so glad blogger is back up and running, hurray! And hurray for all the photos you shared of your garden tour... I love the fountain with the lion's head; you are right, it does make me want to sit a spell.

And those hydrangeous...absolutely gorgeous, and perfectly captured through your camera lens.

The snake/ bird's nest is funny! What a smart little birdie, to not be fooled! **Smiles**

Have beautiful weekend,

mississippi artist said...

What a beautiful tour. Of course the snake gave me the willie's. Great shot of the woodpecker. My hydrangeas are different colors, depending on where they are in my yard, it is amazing the differnce in the soil every few feet.

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Thanks for the tour, Carolyn. Your photos are beautiful! I love the hydrangeas. I finally got one planted this spring and hope it does well. Funny about the bird nest on top of the coiled snake! My dad used to keep a fake one in the garden to hopefully scare the birds and other critters away. Didn't work, they are too smart! Have a great week.

Karen said...

Oh, how I do love hydrangeas!!! Cool pics! The snake near gave me a start! Would not be able to do that even if I knew it was fake!:)

love you,