Monday, May 30, 2011

Swamp Critter


Do you see who I see?

David saw this little friend in the front of the yard this afternoon. We see raccoons often in the evening, but rarely in the middle of the afternoon.

He kept peeking over the retaining wall to see where we were
 and finally decided we were there to stay.
 He headed for the tree………….


And evidently the tree is hollow, because up he went,
into the middle of the tree!
We never know what we will see here on the Cypress Swamp.


Can you see his little ringed tail right at the top of the split?
Pretty cozy home I would imagine.

We were both off today which is a rare thing, so we decided to take a little road trip to one of Louisiana’s oldest cities.
I will share more of about that later this week.

Ok, maybe just a hint!


Jenni said...

Love those pictures! Did y'all go to Nachitoches???

I would love to go back there.....

Have a great day,

Southern Lady said...

Can't wait to see Natchitoches through your lens, Carolyn ... I know it's going to be lovely this time of year.