Tuesday, June 21, 2011

~ Hawkeye ~

When I hear the word  hawkeye, I think of two things....
a character on the t.v. show, MASH or
someone with very keen eyesight.

This guy fits the second thought. This is one of a pair of hawks
who have nested and raised their young close to our house
for the past several years.

 As I was going out the driveway Sunday,
there he was, sitting on the mailbox.
Of course, I didn't have the camera with a zoom lens
in the car with me, so I used my little Canon.

They are always a joy to watch, especially when they are
teaching their young to fly.

To be sure, he had his 'hawkeye" on me
 and I wasn't  allowed to get very close before
he took flight, but it was such a treat to get a couple of
pictures before he flew.

Hope you enjoy!


Karen said...

The little Canon did pretty good, huh? I think it is a testament to so much of what you and my Bro-in- law are all about that this little family has stuck around for so long. Everybody who gets chance to visit wants to stay in that atmosphere:)

love you,

Jenni said...

Love the pictures... Hawks are amazing. It makes me think of how in the time of Henry VIII, Falconry was very big with Royalty and the nobility. They would use them to hunt rabbits and such, and had a roster of hawks and falcons specialy trained just for this sport.

Just sharing what those pictures made me think of! Thanks for posting them!

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

I just tried to leave a comment and Blogger wouldn't let me....grrrr! I'll try again. I just wanted to say...nice capture on the hawk, Carolyn. I tried to get a shot of a hawk flying high today but it didn't turn out so good. One of these days!

Dianna said...

Wow - what a great picture! Thankfully you had a camera of some sort with you. (I always try to remember to have one in the car too!)

mississippi artist said...

Beautiful bird. One od my doxies is scared to death of them-once must have tried to get her when she was a baby.