Friday, October 21, 2011

Bosses Day

I work with a great group of folks
at my church and our church hostess is awesome.

Last week we celebrated Bosses Day and
she gifted our ministers with a special lunch to go
along with the surprise we had for them.
I'll share just a few pics of our lunch with you.

Her table settings are always so pretty
and make everyone feel special.
The girls sat at this table with the
pretty ruffled plate. Isn't it adorable?
(I can only imagine what her dish closet looks like.)

She used simple fall decorations. These "horse apples"
make a great centerpiece.
Their color complimented the tables perfectly.
Nature tends to do that don't you think.

We gave our four guys camp chairs in
their favorite team colors. Our one
hunter in the group scored with a
camo chair.

Hmmmm.....not sure how much work
will get done this afternoon. I think
they have this chair thing figured out.

Thank you again, Mrs. Glenda and crew for helping
to make this lunch so special.

I am blessed to know and work with these folks!


Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

Those are beautiful table settings! Love the colors. And the food looks yummy, too. I'm sure everyone had a great lunch.
Have a wonderful weekend!

Jenni said...

What fun! And those horse apples look like someone took time crafting them from foam and green moss... which would have taken time and cost money... but y'all got them from Nature for free! I always think God's Creations are so much more lovely than anything we could make!! His are the originals, and ours are the pale imitations....and the place settings are lovely, too.
Thanks for sharing with us!

Have a happy weekend, dear friend!

Carolyn said...

Thanks for the comments. I have visited both Cheryl and Jenni but blogger (errrgh) won't let me leave comments on either of your blogs... I am trying to get to the bottom of this.
Thanks for stopping by and know I enjoy your blogs very much.