Saturday, October 29, 2011


 On our recent trip to northern Arkansas, we
drove through the Ft. Smith downtown area.
There are some beautiful churches there and
I got just a few pictures to share.

Isn't this church beautiful? I am sorry I didn't get
the names of any of these. There are one-way streets
everywhere and we weren't familiar with the
neighborhood, so we were trying to stay on our
route and I was just snapping pics of these
churches as we came across them.

I loved the spire on this one as well as the window.

This one is a little different, more traditional and southern looking.

I like the keystone above the windows.
(I think they look a little like stern eyebrows).

This last church is located in old Washington, Ar.
It is in need of repair, but I find it endearing in it's
current state. The covered entrance is unusual
with the arched porch.

These windows are so pretty.
Hopefully, it is on the list to be restored
sometime in the near future.

I am drawn to beautiful and unusual architecture,
especially houses of worship.

I would love to visit again with more time to devote to
capturing these beautiful churches in pictures.
Just so many pictures to be taken and so little time!

Hope you have a wonderful and
blessed weekend. 

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Jenni said...

I have always loved looking at churches. That's one reason why I so love Thomas Kincaid's paintings of Churches...

I really enjoyed looking at these you captured with your camera lens!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend.