Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Just a few colors of the season...........

I thought Mama would enjoy these autumn leaves.
I think I inherited my love of trees from her
and I know fall is her favorite time of the year.

It's "berry" beautiful right now.

This is the month for giving thanks.......

Today, I am thankful for this wonderful
fall weather and the beauty of our world.


Jenni said...

Oh I think the purple colored berries against those bright green leaves are so pretty!

I always enjoy the photos you take.


Karen said...

Love the pics. Our colors here this season are just beautiful. Makes me want to ask everybody I meet,"have you taken the time?". Oh November how I love thee~

love you,

Cheryl @ The Farmer's Daughter said...

The colors of fall are so pretty! I love this season. Your photos are beautiful!

racheld said...

I've scrolled down and down, through the leaves and the churches, your refreshing trip into the mountains, the wonderful fellowship of the beautiful meal, the bright cheery yellows of the sunflowers.

Beautiful and enjoyable as always---wish you were here today; can you smell that pot of pintos simmering on the stove?


Carolyn said...

Oh Racheld, I surely wish I had a plate of those beans! Did you make cornbread?